F1 awaits most important Grand Prix in history

Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen?

Whoever your money’s on in the championship battle, the Formula 1 world holds its breath and awaits a crucial race.

Crucial for Hamilton, Verstappen, Mercedes and Red Bull but also for the sport itself.

Extraneous variables will always play a factor whether that be VSCs, mechanical failure, a slow pit stop or even an errant gust of wind. What we all want is for both Hamilton and Verstappen to fight it out on track alone – a may-the-best-man-win scenario.

Controversy equals excitement. However the wrong kind of controversy can make a mockery of the sport.

This is the time FIA decisions come under the most scrutiny. The world is watching, and the highest majority of non-hardcore F1 fans will watch today’s tantalising race.

Sky’s deal with the free-to-air Channel 4 will introduce a whole new group of people to motor racing. F1 needs this to be as incredible a race as the entire 2021 season has been.

We all hope for a safe and fair race between the two championship protagonists, but excitement and decisive decisions are incredibly important for the sport and I’m praying that the sport itself makes it out the other side in one piece.

In the words of Stefano Domenicali – “It’s been terrific!”

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